Our Artists

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Wow Dragon


Art Dolls - Monster Art - Jewelry

Tapeworm| he/him| creator of monsters| weird forest dweller
Completely self taught PNW Cryptid. Bone Jewelry, Vulture Culture, MUSHROOMS, horror art and custom pieces designed by our favorite Shrieking Void.

Sistah Scifi

Books, Comics, Merch

Sistah Scifi is a cauldron of all things Afro-Futurism - mysticism, Science Fiction, Voodoo, Magical Realism, and Horror - Casting spells to uplift Literature written by Black Women.

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Johari DuPont

Oil Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic

Throughout my life painting has been a vehicle to reconcile my own trauma and mental health.  I use mixed media, watercolor, oil pastels, and acrylic to create vibrant, surreal dreamscapes.


Odd Fox Armory

Chainmail - Jewelry - Accessories

Odd Fox armory is here to provide you with fun nerdy jewelry and accessories, with plans in the future to expand into all sorts of metal goods!

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Shana bryant Logo.png

Mushroom Queendom

Zines, Digital art, Activism

Established in 20XX. The Mushroom Queendom is ruled by Shana T Bryant (aka MQ). Artist, author, and inclusive design geek, she draws inspiration from way way too many years of being Black in America. MQ is also the creator of "terrible allies," a comic about allies and "allies." Check out her random political musings on Twitter at @mushrooQueendom and @terribleallies. Follow her art and more on Instagram at @mushroomqueendomart and @terribleallies. For the full MQ experience, join her at themushroomqueendom dot com // terribleallies.com

Haazardous Laboratory

NERF Mods, Custom Pieces, Multimedia

"Stand back! I've got an idea..." Nerf Mods, props, gimmicks and general mayhem Commissions open and welcome! ~Chief

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lilboyblueish logo.png

Lil Boy Blueish

Jewelry, Stickers, Activism

Thriving out of spite 💘
Gender Dropout ✌
Queer Vibes Only 🌈
Bad Vibes Sometimes 💦
👇 Merch & more 👇

Tzelly Arts

Painting, Illustrations, Mixed Media

Artistic depictions of complex emotions that are difficult to put in words. The use of symbolism and imagery to depict a sticking mood is the focus of my art.


Luminous In Grey

Mixed media, sculpture, jewelry and creature creation.

Luminous in Grey is about dark fantasy and the surreal in many forms. I make jewelry, prints, and sculpted companions.

Lexa Luna Studio

Ceramics, Tarot, Healing

lexa luna studio
is a Filipina-American owned
ceramics + tarot reading studio
created by Alexa Villanueva.

Inspired by ancestral medicine +
the cycles of life with the moon,
Alexa uses clay as a language
to explore + embrace her curiosities in life.


Bronze Owl Jewelry

Beadwork, Silver, Accessories

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Patine Jewelry

Upcycled Ceramic, Polymer Clay, Jewelry

Patine definition:
​A plate.

Upcycled ceramic & polymer clay pendant jewelry handcrafted
​with love in Olympia, WA.

Each unique piece of upcycled jewelry has been repurposed from discarded/broken ceramic pieces.


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Hillary Neal

Mixed Media, Embroidery, Beadwork

Hillary Neal is a mixed media lesbian artist from the deepest of the backwoods of the Olympic Peninsula, a region haunted by the ghosts of three hundred years of resource extraction, racial and religious abuse, and the peculiar, hideous, and deeply private violences that permeate every family that stays in those trees for too long.

ChubsyDragon Creations

Ceramics - Needlefelting - Sculpture

A Tacoma-based artist who specializes in ceramics and wool. Their primary focuses are celebrating marginalized bodies and exploring the functions of Yixing clay. In addition to creating art, they teach affordable workshops in sculpture and needlefelting.